My Shoe Dazzle March Picks

I haven’t purchased anything from Shoe Dazzle in a while because nothing has caught my eye. However, I was not disappointed with what they had to offer for the month of March.


Here are my picks:

Valentino inspired Newell in such a pretty teal color.


Lace dome tote Florala in blush


Towner in tan


Ambler shoulder bag with bow and studs in rose


Weston colorblocking tote


Cresco mini duffel in turquoise

Which one should I get? I’m tempted to get them all!



If you have not joined Shoe Dazzle yet, click here to join and get 20% off your first purchase. Shoe Dazzle is a monthly shoe club that charges $39.99 per month for one item. Remember to skip the month by the 5th to not be charged. There is no obligation to buy as long as you skip the month. All items are $39.99 each.
Note: Use coupon code STYLEME20 to get 20% off your purchase. Code is valid for one tine use only and may be used if you’re already a customer.

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