Sole Society Shoe Club ‘Opts Out’ of Monthly Membership Fees

For those of you who were on the fence on joining a shoe club for fear of forgetting to “skip the month,” this is great news: Leading Shoe Site Entices Consumers with Shoes and Services, with No Obligation to Buy

If you have not tried Sole Society yet, I highly recommend them. Their shoes are $49.95 each. That’s $10 more than the other two shoe clubs but their quality is a whole lot better. Shoes from Sole Society are designed by Marco Santi who also designs for BCBG and the Jessica Simpson Collection. If you are familiar with those brands, you know that they retail for $80 upwards. Some of Marco Santi’s shoes are genuine leather and suede but some are not. However, the shoes are really well made and are very comfortable. I am used to buying designer shoes from Vince Camuto, Cynthia Vincent and Charles David and Sole Society’s shoes have that same quality. You really are getting a bargain at $49.95 for great quality shoes.

Customer service is very important to me and I can honestly say that the customer service at Sole Society is great. When I have a question about a certain shoe, they are quick to answer or post a picture of that shoe for you on their Facebook page. I’ve had to exchange a shoe before due to a sizing issue and the turn around was fast. Since they got rid of the membership fee, now is a good time to check out their shoes. They came out with a lot of pretty shoes this month that is perfect for Spring! Here’s the list of new designs they came out with this month. Remember that shipping is free both ways so you can exchange the shoe for any reason.

You can sign up with Sole Society here and receive 20% off your first purchase!


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