Hermes Birkin vs JustFab’s Icon

If you loved Law from Justfab but found the bag too big or not structured enough for your liking, here’s a new Hermes Birkin inspired bag: the Icon! I have been waiting for JustFab to come out with something like this and I am happy to report that it comes in 4 colors; black, tan, pink, and green. I am ordering the tan, what color will you be getting?

What differentiates this Birkin look a like from the ones you see at stands at the malls or any other online retailer is that JustFab’s quality is far more superior. I own several bags from them and they hold up and keep their shape. I always get compliments on the Power Player purse I own (which is a Michael Kors Hamilton Ostrich look a like). I love the textured material used on this purse rather than the smooth look most look a like bags used. Although the leather is not genuine on this purse, JustFab’s faux leather is close to the real thing. At $39.95 you can’t go wrong! Plus if you are a new member, you can get 50% off that price using this link. With prices like that you can buy all four colors!

p.s. If you cannot find Icon in the new arrivals section, use the search feature and search for “Icon” in the search bar on the JF website.

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