JustFab Iron Fist Collection Part 2

Part 2 (handbags and clothing) of the Spring Iron Fist Collection released by JustFab. See Part 1 here.

Lacey Days Handbag

American Nightmare Handbag

Shotgun Bag

Manslayer Handbag

Lounge Leopard Bag

Lounge Leopard Satchel

Queen of Hearts bag

Lovelace Duffle bag

Filthy Landlubber Overnight

Muerte Punk Handbag

Manslayer 2.0 Dress

Wild Cat Bow Back Dress

Mr Wong’s Tank

Birdbrain Sequined Tank

Filthy Landlubber Sequin Tank

Bowed Over Dress

Luisa Dress

Kiss of Death dress

Gold Digger Lingerie Set

Sailors Delight Lingerie Set

Lacey Days Lingerie Set


JustFab releases new Iron Fist Collection Part 1

They’re back! Just Fab has released the new Iron Fist Collection for a fraction of the retail price. If you join JustFab, pay only $39.95 per item with free shipping both ways. If you are not a member, sign up here to receive 50% off! Check out the new collection below.

Part 1: Shoes

Key to my Sole pump

American Nightmare pumps

Muerte Punk Princess pumps

My Shining Heart pumps

Ruff Rider pumps

Jacked Up pumps

Sugar Hiccup pumps

High Voltage Pumps

Koi Samui pumps

Crosswinds pumps

I caught Kewpie T-Bar Pumps

Lacey Days Shoe

Lovelace lace up pumps

Filthy Landlubber T-Bar Pumps

Shotgun Pumps

Heavy Metal Wedge

Lovelace Wedge

Starship Boot

Lovebites Bootie

Lacey Days Boot

Manslayer Bootie

Lovelace Bootie

Shotgun Flat

Ruff Ride Flat

I Caught Kewpie Flat