Just In: Celine Luggage Lookalike from JustFab!

I’ve been waiting for JustFab to make a Celine luggage dupe because the one ShoeDazzle had out did not look good. JustFab’s quality is a little bit more superior compared to ShoeDazzle. I just wished they came in more colors! Here’s Miller from JustFab:

Miller from Justfab in Turquoise and Black

Miller from JustFab in Pink and Black

Miller from JustFab in black and White


Look for Less: Rebecca Minkoff Flame Quilted Duffle/Alexander Wang Rockie Dupe

ShoeDazzle came out with a mid-month release: Pella! Pella is a duffle that looks like a Alexander Wang Rocco/Rockie but with the studs at the side or a Rebecca Minkoff Flame satchel without the quilts.  Pella is available through ShoeDazzle for $42.95 (sign up here to get 20% off) and comes in red, tan, white and navy. Check out the pictures below for the similarities:

ShoeDazzle "Pella" $42.95

ShoeDazzle “Pella” $42.95

ShoeDazzle "Pella" $42.95

ShoeDazzle “Pella” $42.95

Alexander Wang "Rockie" Duffle

Alexander Wang “Rockie” Duffle  $795

Alexander Wang "Rocco" Duffle

Alexander Wang “Rocco” Duffle

Rebecca Minkoff "Flame" Quilted Satchel

Rebecca Minkoff “Flame” Quilted Satchel

ShoeDazzle also has another Alexander Wang dupe: check out this post.

Or if you are looking for an Emile satchel dupe, check out this post from JustFab.

Look for Less: Alexander Wang Emile Satchel

JustFab‘s new release for the month includes another Alexander Wang dupe: The Emile Satchel! JustFab has named it “Taj Mahal” and it’s available for $39.95. It’s a great quality bag with over 100 reviews on JustFab. If you are not a member yet, you can get this bag for 50% if you sign up here. The bag is available in black, tan and burgundy.

JustFab's "Taj Mahal" $39.95

JustFab’s “Taj Mahal” $39.95

Alexander Wang "Emile" Satchel/Tote $995

Alexander Wang “Emile” Satchel/Tote $995

Look for Less: Michael Kors Hamilton Ostrich vs JustFab Power Player

I’ve been lusting over Michael Kors’ Hamilton Ostrich purse but didn’t feel like shelling out $395 for it considering it’s just a knock off of Hermes Birkin ostritch tote which has been copied by many designers so I was thrilled when JustFab came out with their own version; The Power Player. It comes in two colors: blush and orange. I ordered the blush and it’s a great neutral color to go with my outfits. I will be posting a review as soon as I receive it. If you want to buy this bag, sign up here to get it for 50% off. You have to type in  “Power Player” on the search bar on JustFab’s site to purchase it.

Michael Kors Hamilton in Ostrich $395

Michael Kors Hamilton in Ostrich $395

JustFab Power Player $39.95

JustFab Power Player $39.95

JustFab Power Player in blush $39.95

JustFab Power Player in blush $39.95