Just In: Celine Luggage Lookalike from JustFab!

I’ve been waiting for JustFab to make a Celine luggage dupe because the one ShoeDazzle had out did not look good. JustFab’s quality is a little bit more superior compared to ShoeDazzle. I just wished they came in more colors! Here’s Miller from JustFab:

Miller from Justfab in Turquoise and Black

Miller from JustFab in Pink and Black

Miller from JustFab in black and White

Look for Less: Rebecca Minkoff Flame Quilted Duffle/Alexander Wang Rockie Dupe

ShoeDazzle came out with a mid-month release: Pella! Pella is a duffle that looks like a Alexander Wang Rocco/Rockie but with the studs at the side or a Rebecca Minkoff Flame satchel without the quilts.  Pella is available through ShoeDazzle for $42.95 (sign up here to get 20% off) and comes in red, tan, white and navy. Check out the pictures below for the similarities:

ShoeDazzle "Pella" $42.95

ShoeDazzle “Pella” $42.95

ShoeDazzle "Pella" $42.95

ShoeDazzle “Pella” $42.95

Alexander Wang "Rockie" Duffle

Alexander Wang “Rockie” Duffle  $795

Alexander Wang "Rocco" Duffle

Alexander Wang “Rocco” Duffle

Rebecca Minkoff "Flame" Quilted Satchel

Rebecca Minkoff “Flame” Quilted Satchel

ShoeDazzle also has another Alexander Wang dupe: check out this post.

Or if you are looking for an Emile satchel dupe, check out this post from JustFab.

Look for Less: Alexander Wang Rocco Dupe from ShoeDazzle

ShoeDazzle has came out with a lot of pretty bags this month, one of them being a close Alexander Wang Rocco dupe. “Tampa” is available through ShoeDazzle in four colors for $42.95 each. Sign up through here to get 20% off your first purchase.


ShoeDazzle "Tampa" in taupe $42.95

ShoeDazzle “Tampa” in taupe $42.95

ShoeDazzle "Tampa" Bag in black $42.95

ShoeDazzle “Tampa” Bag in black $42.95

Look for Less: Marc Jacobs Stam Bag

If you’ve ever lusted after the Marc Jacobs “Stam” Bag that you’ve seen celebrities like Blake Lively, Lauren Conrad, Rihanna, Ashley Tisdale and Lindsay Lohan carry but couldn’t afford to pay the $1395 price tag, here’s your chance to own a cheaper version from ShoeDazzle! The Seattle bag is available in 2 colors from ShoeDazzle for the price of $39.95.

Seattle in Beige $39.95

Seattle in Pink $39.95

Marc Jacobs Stam Bag $1395

Look for Less: Christian Louboutin Ambertina

I’m loving this sandal from ShoeDazzle! It’s name is Naya and it looks just like the Christian Louboutin “Ambertina” Sandal without the red sole. The price is $39.99 but if you sign up here you can get it at 20% off! What would you pair this lovely strappy sandals with?

Take note that it runs 1/2 size large so buy a 7.5 if you are normally a size 8.

Shoe Dazzle Naya $39.99

ShoeDazzle "Naya" $39.99

Christian Louboutin Ambertina

Nicki Minaj wearing the Ambertina sandals by Christian Louboutin

Paula Abdul wearing the Christian Louboutin Ambertina

ShoeDazzle expands into Apparel

Even more great news for ShoeDazzle members! ShoeDazzle will be offering an apparel line in May. I personally can’t wait, what about you?

For more information read the following news articles:

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